WI-FI an unseen threat that is destroying the new generation


Exposure to low-level radiation from microwave Wi-fi cause brain damage, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, abnormal bone growth. The people that risk more are women and children. Everything was well documented and studied well before he entered in the current use of our technology. The biological effects of hazardous and lethal were circumvented in order to preserve the huge profits that the big companies tecnologiche. Professor John Goldsmith, a consultant to the World Health Organization in Epidemiology and Communications Science, showed that exposure to Wi-Fi is now become the leading cause of miscarriages: even in 47.7% of cases of exposure to this radiation, cases of miscarriage occurring within the first seven weeks of pregnancy.

Another alarming factor is that in children the absorption of microwaves can be ten times higher than adults because the brain tissue and the bone marrow of a child have electrical conductivity properties different from those of adults because of their higher water content. The low-level microwave exposure can induce permanent stress’ and nitrossativo chronic oxidative damage and therefore the cellular mitochondria (mitocondriopatia). This stress’ can cause irreversible damage to mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA can not be repaired because of its low content of histone proteins so that damage can be permanent.

The World Health Organization has shown the risks for exposure to wi-fi in a 350-page document known as the “International Symposium Research Agreement No. 05-609-04” (“Biological effects and health damage from radiation microwave – biological Effects, health and excess mortality by artificial irradiation of microwave radio frequency “). Another document of the Russian National Committee for the protection of non-ionizing radiation has shown the effects that cause children: 85% increase in diseases of the central nervous system, epilepsy 36% increase, 11% increase in mental retardation, 82% increase in immune diseases and risk to the fetus. Also in 2002, 36,000 luminaries of medicine, from all over the world have signed the “Appeal of Freiburgbut after ten years, the appeal was promised and warns in particular against the use of Wi-Fi and the irradiation of children, adolescents and pregnant women.
Experts recommend 11 points for protection from radiation:

1) Do not use mobile phones to children, except in case of emergency. SMS tolerated, but it is better to reduce them also. In France, not surprisingly, has banned all advertising of mobile phones aimed at children under 14 years;
2) Always use the earphones with cable (not wireless ones). Even the use of hands-free is recommended;
3) In the presence of the little network or lack of field, do not make calls. In these cases it will be necessary more radiant power, resulting in higher radiation;
4) Use your mobile phone as little as possible in the movement, such as by train and by car. The constant risk of decrease of the signal increases in these cases, the emission of radiation;
5) Do not hold the phone to your ear or near the head during calls, when the radiation is strongest. Do it, if anything, after waiting for the answer;
6) Do not hold the phone in your pants pocket, shirt pocket or jacket you wear;
7) Change the ear often during the conversation, and most importantly, reduce the length of calls;
8) Use as much as possible, when you can do it, not the fixed line access, or instant messaging tools such as Skype or similar;
9) Do not ever fall asleep with the phone close to the head, such as using it as an alarm clock;
10) Always choose models that have a low SAR (specific absorption rate of radiation).
11) Do not use smartphones are the most dangerous.

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