Finally a new innovative non-invasive Alzheimer's detection technique



The Alzheimer’s disease is characterized  by having no warning signs. The symptoms, though, usually come on fast and in a dreadful and irreversible way: mental decline, memory loss and dementia.

This process consists in using an odor marker in urine. The odor of the body changes because of exogenus sources such as viruses or vaccines. Now we have evidence that also the odor of the urine changes particularly alongside the changes in the brain, characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. What is unique is that the urine doesn’t change chemically!

Nowadays, the number of people affected by Alzheimer is huge. Currently, there is no test that can be done on a living person to diagnose this desease.

The study was published in the online journal Scientific Reports; one of the authors of the study is Dr. Daniel Wesson who says that the identification of distinctive odor signatures may someday point the way to human biomarkers to identify Alzheimer’s at early stages.

This is one first important step towards finding a cure for this terrific neurodegenerative desease! A glimmer of hope, finally!

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