Unlocking the secret to live longer


Throughout history, there has always been the search for longevity…we may say it is a part of human condition.

Finally, we could probably say we have an answer to this timeless question of how to extend our time here on earth.  Thanks to some researches made at the Mayo Clinic, we may now have the key to longevity!

This notorious key is a natural biological process that slows down as we get older. Every day, our body produces new cells ad eliminates the old ones. The natural ageing of the tissues is due to the fact that cells stop dividing: they become senescent cells, accumulate in the body, leading to morfological and functional decline of the whole body, in addition to predisposing to desease outbreaks.

Senescence is a biological protective mechanism to prevent damaged old cells from keeping on dividing. Senescent cells are normally cleared out by our immune system, which itself become more and more ineffective, too. Describing the phenomena from a cellular level, ageing is an accumulative process, then: senescent cells accumulate and damage the cells around them and are more likely to develop tumors. Fundamentally, old cells harm your body and shorten your life!

The researchers created a drug-induced elimination of senescent cells in mice. Incredibly, mice’s lifespan has found to be increased by 35%. This exciting study was published in the scientific American journal Nature.

This strategy could be a real-life Fountain of Youth!

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