Psychedelic Trance: deep music for deep souls

Psychadelic Trance

Psychedelic trance, or Psytrance, is a genre of music characterised by arrangements of synthetic rhythms and layered melodies, which lies at the underground end of the Trance spectrum. It varies in terms of style, but is mostly a carefully constructed balance of virtual sounds that provides a means of therapeutic escapism.

The music is psychedelic because of its tempo and sequencing, which have a specific effect on our brainwave function, meaning the effects of Psytrance can be experienced mentally as well as physically it completely evolves your mind when you hear it. The wave of energy created in this music is identical to the Alpha wave in our brain, which is dominant during periods of high alertness and low stress. For this reason, Psytrance can help stimulate the mind, increase energy and decrease stress.

Because this powerful music can lift your mood and motivate you to dance with more intensity, Psytrance events have a very special, unique energy. They tend to be held in beautiful rural settings, enabling you to connect with nature and music simultaneously, and when you dance to this music you go beyond thought and even beyond your individuality; it’s active meditation. You’ll be able to discover peace, awareness and empathy.

To experience the magical effects of Psytrance for yourself, why not go along to one of the many festivals held worldwide?

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