The scary effects of cocaine on your brain


That’s sure that no one thinks that cocaine is healthy…pretty obvious! But astonishnigly, cocain has been found to be worse for your brain than previously thought. This breakthrough comes from a new research from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

This research showed that cocaine causes our brain cells to literally eat themselves: this phenomenon is called autophagy and it’s a physiological function of our organism that normally aimed at renewing old or damaged cells and intracellular organelles. We may say that autophagy is our housekeeper! But in this case, it acts like “house-destroyer”…infact it destroys the vital structures of the cells! The study found that the same autophagy damage is inherited by babies from pregnant mice previously treated with cocaine.

So, stay out of cocain if you don’t want your brain to be digested away and if you don’t care so much about becoming a vegetable. Instead, if you don’t love yourself so much and you have the dream of being a parent…well, stay out of cocaine anyway for your children!

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