10 tips to make today a brighter day

Tips to make today a brighter day

It’s normal to wake up on the wrong side of bed every now and then we all do it. But who wants to be miserable for an entire day? There are a few small and very simple steps we can take to make each day that little bit better. Read on for my top tips to make today a brighter day for you.

1. Wake up early (and don’t hit snooze)
By waking up even just fifteen minutes earlier, you’ll give yourself that bit of extra time to prepare yourself for the day ahead and can take things slowly, rather than rush and stress yourself out. And, although it may be tempting to press snooze, you should know that this can actually decrease your energy, as you’re preventing your body from reaching REM sleep. Therefore, you should consider setting your alarm for the time you want to be up and out of bed.

2. Do some exercise first thing
Exercising your muscles first thing in the morning will jumpstart your system and set the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll accomplish something healthy and productive, which will inevitably lift your mood and make you more motivated. Morning exercise and stretches can also prevent muscle cramps, help you sleep sounder and lose weight.

3. Tell yourself today is going to be great
Many people have a bad habit of waking up miserable and choosing to stay miserable throughout the day. Rather than dreading what lies ahead of you, tell yourself that it’s going to be great. You can control how things pan out with with the power of your mind, so make it a good day by maintaining a positive attitude throughout.

4. Write a to-do list
If you have a lot on your mind and are feeling overwhelmed, writing a to-do list will help, as it will enable you to organise your thoughts and clear your head. Just write down everything that you’re worried about getting done, then rewrite it in order of priority and focus on the most urgent tasks right away.

5. Make plans that you can look forward to
It’s important to include hobbies and fun plans in your daily schedule, as these are what will motivate you to get all the nitty gritty stuff done. Having something to look forward to will no doubt lift your mood and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Have a proper breakfast
Before you go about your day, it is absolutely essential that you eat breakfast and take your time over it; don’t be tempted to rush or just grab something on the go. Be sure to eat something that will fill you up as well, such as porridge or scrambled eggs, and wash it down with a cup of hot water with lemon the perfect drink to kickstart your day!

7. Play the music you love
Listening to music can help reduce stress and boost your mood, and the right music will enable you to change your attitude. Make a playlist of songs you love, songs that will motivate you to be the best person you can be today. Whether you’re at home, in the office or out and about, music is a great to make your day more enjoyable.

8. Give those around you a morning hug
Who doesn’t feel better after a hug? Hugs are incredibly therapeutic and a great way to relieve stress, as they boost natural feel-good hormones released by the body. Hugging your partner, housemate or even your pet is sure to put a smile on your face.

9. Awaken your sense of smell
Certain smells have been found to lower stress, such as basil, lavender, juniper and lemon. Lemon in particular can alleviate depression and lift your mood, as it boosts serotonin levels and lowers levels of norepinephrine, so try spraying a lemony fragrance around the house or lighting a scented candle once you’re awake.

10. Wash and present yourself nicely
Even if you don’t have a reason to leave the house, it’s a wise idea to shower and make yourself look presentable, as this will make you feel empowered and confident. If you want to treat yourself, run a bath instead of a shower and add some bath oil or bubbles. You’ll find that a little me-time can really perk up your day.

So there you have it, 10 tips to make today a brighter day.

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