The Health Benefits of Pets

Health benefits of pets

Any pet owners reading this will already know how much fun owning a pet can be, but did you know that they can also improve your health? From providing companionship to helping those that suffer with depression, there are several health benefits of pets read on to discover what they are.

Pets are good for the mind and soul
As with any enjoyable activity, playing with a pet can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are known to have calming and pleasurable properties.

They make great company
Pets provide companionship, which can help prevent certain illnesses and even increase your lifespan. Caring for an animal helps you feel needed and wanted, thereby taking away the focus from your own problems, and acting as a welcome distraction.

Owning a pet gives you more reason to exercise
Taking your pet for a walk or jog is a rewarding and fun way to fit exercise into your daily schedule. It has been shown that dog owners in particular are more likely to meet their exercise requirements, and exercise is hugely beneficial to your pet too, as it eradicates behaviour problems and keeps them fit and healthy.

They help you meet new people
Pet owners are more socially engaged than non pet owners, as pets can help you form friendships and relationships in a number of ways: getting to know other dog owners in the park, meeting people in pet stores and training classes, and greeting passersby on your walks.

They provide sensory stress relief
Touch and movement are two ways in which you can combat stress. Stroking your pet lowers blood pressure and will make you feel calmer and less stressed.

You can use them to prevent allergies and improve immunity
It’s been proven that having a pet in the home can reduce a childs likelihood of developing allergies to animals, as well as seriously improving their immunity.

There are many other health benefits to pets, so what are you waiting for? Go and give yours a cuddle!

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