The german village energy independent

Feldheim - Town sign -


The German village of Feldheim has managed to become energy independent from the rest of Germany, made up of just 150 people and is located about 90 km south of Berlin.

All that is made possible by a vast field of 47 windmills and the use of solar panels along the edge of the city, there are also electrical substations for recharging electric cars. For the warming of homes have used a biogas plant working with agricultural waste whichchased, it will be used in each building Feldheim.
Even the jobs have benefited and, above all, the people themselves were able to see the economic benefits of this energetic autonomy after a serious crash in the price of wheat that had crippled the local agriculture important focus of life of citizens.

The electricity prices are 30% less than the national average and prices were decided by the inhabitants themselves through meetings. In fact, the energy itself is managed by the residents, whose job is balance it, and where there are cases of overexploitation are no sanctions. This model has been possible for the wide availability of large land and agricultural waste and the motivation of the citizens of which has Feldheim.
Yet another example of how there can be a ‘balance between economy and society, an environmentally friendly economy points to the future.

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