GVS: a new incredible virtual reality product!

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The Mayo Clinic’s Aerospace Medicine and Vestibular Research Laboratory developed a new technology called Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS). It uses strategically-placed electrodes to trick the inner-ear into percieving motion. In virtual reality it can allow a user to feel totally immersed in their current setting.

This amazing technology was initially used for the U.S. Defense Department, but it can actually used in many fields, beginning from physiotherapy, neurological therapy, treating people with balance disorders and vertigo, to pilot training. GVS is based on 3-dimensions of motion stimulation thanks to 4 electrodes placed behind each ear, on the forehaed and the nape of the neck. All the electrodes are linked in real-time so that any movement in the visual field launches a synchronized GVS command.

This technology not only prevents negative bodily reactions to Virtual Reality, it also enhances a user’s feeling of presence inside the content! Owing to the fact that this technology could see dozen of potential applications, vMocion is licensing it to any company interested in working on the potential use cases for GVS tech.

So, GVS tech seems to have major potential to be coming to a new virtual reality product!

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