4 Useful strategies to ease your worry



In an evolutionary perspective, worrying is a functional tool to predict and handle imminent dangers. This was one of the most important features of our primitive ancestors that allowed them to cue the primal fight-or-flight response and survive.

Modern life is also full of threats and fears, such as ISIS, global warming, train delay and so on. Some people cannot easily stand for their daily issues, ending up with worrying to excess. Too much worrying can’t help but lead to an anxiety state that has physiological and emotional consequences.

Stress gets our body to secrete stress hormons like cortisol and epinephrine, which can have damaging effects on heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism (propensity to gain weight).

The Adverse Childhood Experiences study linked  adverse childhood experiences to an increase risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, hepatitis and depression: such a step can be explained by the fact the child’s mind and body are more plastic, but it doesn’t mean adults are immune!

You may ask: how to know when worrying is having a negative effect on our health? I would say that when you realise that worrying is affecting the quality of your life, from wasting your enjoyable experiences to affecting your sleeping and your eating, then you should consider starting to deal with this situation.

Strategies to ease your worry:

  1. Set aside specific time for worry
  2. Whenever worries come up during other times, put them aside and think about what it is you are doing now
  3. When specific time for worry occurs, focus on finding solutions rather then wallowing in worry
  4. Try the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In some cases, excessive worrying is a symptom of a mental health disorder. In this case, the best thing is to ask for help to a competent professional figure, who will try to find the best strategy for you!

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