Our minds are all connected

mind connected

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The fact that we are all connected becomes manifest in many phenomena like telepathic experiences and other psychic abilities.

Science has finally given the proof of a real intimate connection between all our minds.

There should be a sort of Global Mind through which all our thoughts travel.

Our minds are like electronic devices all connected by virtual cables.

The multiples effect is a scientific phenomenon consisting in the fact that some people who live in different countries and are isolated from one another, make the same discovery or invention at exactly the same time. It happened many times in history!

Here are some exemples:

  • the construction of pyramids of the same kind in Mexico, Egypt and Indonesia;
  • evolution (Darwin and Wallace);
  • calculus (Newton and Leibniz);
  • decimal fractions (3 people);
  • sunspots (4people);
  • law of conservation of energy (4 people);
  • steamboat (4 people);
  • telescope (9 people);
  • thermometer (6 people);
  • bosons, the jet engine, endorphins, meson, and so on.


Our thoughts are physic waves of information stored in a global databank belonging to a consciousness field we all share.

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