Correlations between blood type and your personality

blood relationship

The Japanese Horoscope claims that there is a correlation between blood types, our personalities and relationship compatibilities.

Red cells have different surface antigens in each blood type, that is the basis of blood donations: not all the blood types are compatible with each other!

The following list is about the general features of each blood type, according to the Japanese Horoscope:


Blood type A:

You are shy, introverted, perfectionist, loyal, but you are also obsessive and stubborn.

You don’t like confrontation and you are always able to stay calm.

You are compatible with type AB and A.


Blood type B:

You are independent, creative, optimistic, animal lover, but you are also self-centered, forgetful, player and impulsive.

Sometimes you give the impressions of being cold and serious.

You are compatible with type AB and B.


Blood type AB:

You are smart, geniuses, rational, introverted, sensitive but you are also critical, indecisive and two faced sometimes.

You can be both outgoing and shy, you are responsible and trustworthy, but your being umpredictable makes your reletionships quite complicated.

You are compatible with type AB.


Blood type 0:

You are confident, friendly, ambitious, passionate, social, energetic but you can also be arrogant, sensitive and vain.

You are compatible with type 0 and AB.

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