How to get to emotional detachment: I observe, I think and I wander off if I have to!



The more we face complicated situations, the more we learn to get to an emotional detachment, to deal with our discomfort and think well before taking any decision. As everything in life, it’s a question of time and experience. A great deal of experience!

We may say that the emotional detachment is a unwritten rule that let us see and feel differently. In this way, we get negative feelings to lose their strenght. At this point, we would have more time for all the other positive feelings that make us understand what we really think and how we really want to act.

Facing bad situations with this attitude, is necessary to better deal with our emotions and to get our actions to be consistent with our feelings.

What do we need to train ourselves to the emotional detachment? There is no magic formula, because it depends on personal factors, circumstances and on the relationships that are at stake. There are some people who entered our heart so deeply that it’s almost impossible to distance ourselves from them. Anyway, sometimes we have to, if we want to put the pieces together and produce a big picture. What are the main ingredients for an emotional detachment?

  1. It is necessary to give us time to regain control of what we think, feel and do
  2. Don’t take important decisions when you are overwhelmed by temporary negative emotions
  3. Learn to relativise the events you live…time helps us to distance ourselves and decrease any emotional entanglement, which is responsible for disappointment, expectations and cheatings.
  4. Listen to your internal compass/intuition…it always tells us what is good and what is bad
  5. Learn how to distinguish between what is worth our attention and what has to be ignored

Learning how not to be controlled by emotions anymore is possible and you would learn it with exercise, as every other ability. The emotional detachment is useful for not taking the wrong decisions, for not being blinded by emotions and for not regretting anything in life.

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