Coffee and alcohol: the truth!



I guess you heard at some point that coffee reverses the effects of alcohol. Well, this is totally false!

The effects of alcohol are a wide number, such as hepatitis, heart desease, pancreatitis, cancer, dementia and many more.

Coffee, instead, is a source of antioxidants, minerals and energy. It is well tolerated by most people, not by everyone. It has been also proved to prevent stress, fatigue, heart deseases, type II diabetes, Parkinson’s and more.

Recently, coffee has been found to have positive effects in liver deseases especially caused by alcohol, such as cirrhosis. But it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to drink endless glasses of alcohol ending up with a cup of coffee to repair the demage.

Yes, coffee has got anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but they are not enough to undo the systematic damage caused by alcohol, unhealthy diet and obesity.

So, I suggest you don’t drink too much alcohol…wellness as the truth are always in the middle. Women should get no more than a drink a day, while men are allowed to have two drinks at most.

If you can’t do it, be brave and ask for help!

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