Relationship and sex drives compatibility




Many relationships may develop some issues after passing the can’t-stop-won’t-stop having sex phase. The thing is that people have different levels of desire, as well as they don’t sleep the same amount and they don’t like the same food: we are different, basically!

In your life, you may find a lower-desiring partner or a higher-desiring partner. So, how do you deal? Dealing with incompatible interest is the order of the day. You need to do a little work by showing love, commitment and passion.

These are some approved strategies that will help you communicate your needs better:

  • Get out of your comfort zone, share your fantasies and be open to trying something new
  • Experiment new sexual habits
  • Do it all night long
  • Turn each other on by doing something flirtatious, affectionate or romantic

Don’t be afraid to love and be free….remember that the sense of our life is essentially having fun!

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