5 Things everyone would need to know about Love

Nothing is better or can be worse

You need to know that Love brings with itself both a positive and a negative side, as well as all the other life experiences. So, be ready for it and try to appreciate both sides of the coin.

Jumping is different from falling

Jumping presumes an option, while falling is just something you do. Many feelings may resemble to Love, but it’s difficult to find the real one: you recognize it because it doesn’t give you an option!

Your heart is made to be broken

A broken heart may make you feel like an egg that shatters into a milion of tiny pieces, but remember that those pieces will surely go back together with time. Your heart is strong enough to bear any kind of emotional experience that shows up.

Bad and good feelings may be life-altering experiences, but they will never kill you, anyhow! They will just change you in the most appropriate and functional way, in order not to let you repeat the same mistakes. A lost love, for exemple, makes the next one have that more potential to be awesome. A failed relationship is not a failure, but a success: it’s one step closer towards the right person for you, the so-called sole mate!

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