The scam of frozen shrimps made with meat



Who have never said that one day they would be able to create artificial shrimp?

But it seems that some industry has succeeded, passing off  peeled and frozen, a mixture of meat and starch.

It would take 75 pounds of meat, 2 and a half pounds of starch and 26 pounds of water, salt, dye and aroma of shrimp to create a dough that, thanks to the action of starch and water, is compact and is cut, pressed and shaped like a shrimp.

The meat used comes from residues of the processed in factories that produce other products and is treated as you would for hot dogs; but the problem is that in the case of shrimp it comes to counterfeit products.

A deception for those looking for healthy foods. Generally to do this are the companies who then market the product at extremely low prices, you should always be careful when you go shopping.

Of course, those who prepare a nice shrimp cocktail not think you have in your hands the pieces of meat in an industrial manner.

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