Connecting your brain to your computer? Yes, you can!

Some researchers has recently found a way to connect human neural circuitry to computer’s one.

They published an article in the Nature Nanotechnology.

This is possible thanks to a seemless device known as “mesh electronics”, which can be injected into the bloodstream.


This new tech (syringe-injectable electronics) has already been tested on mice which are all marvellously alive.

The Syringe-injectable electronics has great potential: it could be used in studying our brain, curing people with brain disorders and neurodegenerative deseases, improve our brain activity.


Military forces and Fidelity Biosciences (a venture capital firm) are only some of the ones who are investing in this new fenomenal technology. The first aims to the “performance enhancement” of cells, the second one to search for new ways to treat deseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson’s desease.


The tech that was tested on mice provides with the use of wires, but it will possibly be wireless in the future.

The interesting discovery is that mice’s neurons were able to build up a neural network incorporating the wire as a part of their own neural system.

Researcher Liber is willing to test Syringe-injectable electronics in human beings.



Can you imagine being able to connect to the internet with your own brain without having to switch on your laptop?

You would be able to access to the whole knowledge freely.

You would just need to be careful of your thoughts not to be streamed onto the internet with no control!

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