What you still don’t know about Chakras



What Are the Chakras?

Chakras are energetical centers, wheel-like vortexes of universal energy that flow throughout the body. There are 7 main chakras aligning up your spine.

The word in Sanskrit means  wheel  or  disk.  The concept descends from the Hindu-Buddhist tradition.

You can imagine the chakras like a whirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet each other. This invisible energy is called Prana: it is a core life force that is able to keep us healthy and vibrant.

There are seven major energy centers and many small ones. Each corresponds to specific glands, organs, and aspects of your being.

There are two ways in which this energy flows through your system. Firstly, it rounds up and down along the central channel connecting each chakra. Secondly, there is a horizontal flow that exchanges  energy with the Cosmos.

Disruptions in a chakras  flow of energy can result in health, emotional, psychological and spiritual problems. It is essential that chakras stay open, aligned and fluid. If there is an obstruction, energy cannot flow normally. Consider that our bodies are in constant fluctuation between balance and imbalance.

The Seven Chakras:

1- Root chakra:

Location: base of the spine.

Related to: physical health, self-preservation, survival instincts, connection between our bodies and the Earth.

2- Sacral chakra:

Location: low abdomen, lower back, reproductive organs.

Related to: sexuality, emotions, eroticism, pleasure, creativity, sensation.

3- Solar plexus chakra:

Location: solar plexus (upper abdomen, between navel and sternum).

Related to: Ego, will, metabolism, personal power.

4- Heart chakra:

Location: center of the body (at heart level).

Related to: love, integration, compassion, healing, relationships.

5- Throat chakra:

Location: base of the throat.

Related to: communication, self-expression, creativity.

6- Brow chakra:

Location: forehead (slightly above the middle of the eyebrows).

Related to: both physical and intuitive/psychic sight, together with intellect.

7- Crown chakra:

Location: top of the head.

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