Are vegetarians more intelligent and empathetic?

Vegetarians more intelligent

Studies carried out recently show that people with a higher level of intelligence are more likely to become vegetarians. According to the studies, those who became vegetarian by the age of 42 were significantly cleverer as kids than those why were not vegetarian by the same age, with a 10-point difference in IQ.

A different theory supports this correlation between vegetarianism and higher levels of intelligence – psychologist Satoshi Kanzawa claims that the ability to adapt ourselves in response to the challenges we face on a daily basis is greater in people with more empathy and high intelligence.

Vegetarians say they don’t need to eat meat in order to maintain a balanced diet and healthy body and brain, as you can get enough protein from eggs, beans, seeds and nuts. In fact, a well-balanced vegetarian diet can be richer in protein than a diet that includes meat, so long as you consume the right products.

Researchers from the British Medical Journal also published a study whereby they explain how a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can boost brain power. However, it is not essential to completely give up meat in order for this to happen; you can simply cut down and make sure you compensate by eating plenty of healthy, filling foods. Whatever your diet choice, just be mindful of keeping the negative impact at a minimum, and not simply following your whims each time.

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