Get on the dancefloor! Why dancing is the best form of exercise

Dancing is the best exercise

Who doesn’t love to dance? Whether it’s with friends at a party, your partner in a class, or simply on your own in your living room, dancing has many benefits. Read on to discover why dancing is the best form of exercise.

It’s fun
First and foremost, dancing is a hell of a lot of fun and, with so many different styles of dance to choose from, there’s something out there for everyone. Many people find working out in the gym a bit of a chore, whereas dancing is liberating and can make you feel powerful and sexy.

It eliminates stress
By turning up the tunes and simply letting loose, you’ll find that you stop thinking about all your problems and start relaxing. Better still, find somebody to dance with, as researchers have found that dancing with a partner can help relieve stress.

You’ll meet people
Dancing can help you meet people and make friends with similar interests. Whether you choose to attend dance classes, or simply go to your local club to flail your limbs around, you’re bound to meet a variety of people who love dancing just as much as you.

It gets your heart rate going
Exercise is another benefit to dancing and you’ll find that dance classes make a nice change from your gym routine. Dancing for a couple of hours can really get your heart rate going, particularly if you’re moving to fast-paced, high-energy music.

It clears your head
For those of you who go running, you’ll find that dancing does similar wonders for the mind as after a while, you’ll begin to enter a tranquil zone. In this zone, your head is clear and devoid of noise and clutter, making you feel much calmer.

You’ll improve your health
Studies have shown that, when compared with walking or biking, dancing is a greater way to improve your health. The free movement of the body improves breathing and increases your heart rate, giving you better results than many other forms of workout.

It costs nothing
Rather than paying that monthly gym membership fee or joining an expensive leisure centre, why not attend a free dance event? Or find people who need partners for their weekly dance class. There are even donation based classes, meaning you won’t have to spend a thing. On top of this, you can dance for free at weddings, in bars or just around your home.

There are many more reasons why dancing is the best exercise, so get those dancing shoes on now! For more articles like this, click here or visit our website.

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