Animals cry the death of loved ones



All animals are able to feel several complex emotions. It’ not only a prerogative of human beings!
Emotions need for the survival of the species. If specific living beings are able to feel those, it means that they have an important key role in their evolution! So, emotions have positively been selected by the so called Natural Selection.
The question is: what is grief about? What is its meaning in evolution? It apparently appears not to have a positive role in increasing an individual’s reproductive success.

Here follow some animals who are particularly known to mourn their family and friends:
Dolphins: they hardly accept death. For instance, they tend to stay for several days next to a deceased infant. They are very intelligent! They have a real social life;
Chimpanzees: they are the closest animals to humans;
Dogs: they always exhibit sadness and concern both for other animals and for their owners;
Gorillas: sometimes they bury the bodies;
Elephants: they often shed tears, bury the bodies and fall into depression;
Geese: they are known to be loyal to one mate and if that mate dies they suffer tremendously. They will try to find another one even if it’s not an easy process;
Cats: they are not social animals, but they usually show sufferance for the death of other living beings:
Sea lions, giraffes, polar bears, penguins.

There is a huge number of videos and reports of animals moaning their loved ones despite we believe to be more intelligent than the other animals, we still have a lot to learn from them about emotional intelligence!

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