Sexual intimacy and aural energy

Sexual Energy

Sexual intimacy is a powerful connection that enables us to share our aural energy with another person.

This energy allows you to purify both your soul and your body.

The rule is: never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be!

We are energetic beings, so anytime you get intimate with another person, you share your own energy with that person and the other way around.

Pay attention to whom you share your intimacy, than! Remember that positive people will send you positive energies, but a negative person will do exactly the same.

Not to mention the fact that every person is able to give out not only his/her own energy, but also the energies absorbed from the other people they have been in an intimate contact in during the past.


A regular aura cleansing supports physical and psychological health. If you don’t “clean” your spiritual energy system as well as your body, you will become dirtier and dirtier until anybody will be able to be around you.


How to cleanse your aura?

– Bathing with Epsom Salts

– Swimming

– Exposing to sunlight

– Meditating

– Healing your aura with an healer assistant

– Reading your aura (be careful not to read someone else’s aura)

– Feeling your emotions

– Exposing to the wind

– Being in Nature

– Releasing your creativity.

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