The vital force and the balance life

vital force

Qi (pronounced “Quee”) indicates the vital energy running through our body in Chinese culture.

It is, therefore, responsible for our body’s and mind’s health.

Qi gong, acupunture, acupressure massage, together with the intake of natural herbs and roots are only some of the Chinese medical supplies used to mantain Qi balance.

Qi is analogous to Indian “Prana“, Tibetan “Lung“, Hawaiian “Mana“.

Our vital energy is mapped onto specific spots all along our body.

Modern science is top-down and analytic, while ancient medicine is bottom-up and holistic.

The best thing would be to integrate the two scientific approches. Infact, both of them have already proven their reliability.

Many American scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Quigong practice on different types of patients

The practice of Quigong includes certain movements that reflect movements in nature.

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