Some useful tips to face the so-called social anxiety


Social anxiety disorder is characterized by the overwhelming fear of being embarassed in everyday social situations.

Social anxiety is about being nervous of:

  • speaking in front of people
  • making eye contact with someone
  • having a conversation with people you don’t know
  • going out

First of all, you need to identify the reasons of your anxiety and only then can you move towards solutions.

It is not your fault, you are not crazy, neither problematic or too shy! It’s just a defense mechanism deployed by your brain to prevent you from living the same bad experiences  you lived in the past.

How to deal with social anxiety? How to overcome this fear of social interaction?

  1. Don’t care what  other people think and be yourself.
  2. Spend time in the present moment without thinking too much and practice meditation.
  3. Try to find the source of your anxiety and heal yourself.

You will finally realize what freedom really is.

Remember that you are worthy of freedom. It’s your birthright!

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