How to naturally cure your skin


Do you have skin tags? Moles? Warts? Oil clogs? Age spots? They are very common and I’m sure you would like to get rid of them.

Here you can find some natural ways to do it:


They are cause by HPV/Human Papilloma Virus. Try to dab them with apple cider and vinegar and cover them with a bandage. Replace the bandage twice a day for 6 days, then soak it in water and rub off with a pumice stone.

Skin tags

Try to dab them with, again, apple cider and vinegar, using a cotton ball a few times a day for about 10 days. You can also try with tea tree oil.


You can try to crush them with garlic and cover them with a bandage for 4 hours a day.


You can get rid of them by opening up your pores with steam before washing. Then, apply apple cider vinegar and a coconut oil.

Age spots

They are mostly caused by the sun. First of all, you should always use sunscreen; secondly, I recommend you apply some lemon juice.

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