4 Signs that your stress is about to affect your relationship


Everybody has his/her own level of stress affecting his/her life.

The problem is that it feels like we can monitor it, but frequently we don’t even realize that our stress has already been playing its game for a lot of time without raising too many eyebrows.

Do you want to know how to recognize wether your stress is sneaking into your relationship?

  1. Emotional unavailability:

stress exhausts us, so it erodes our healthy emotional connection with the other person. You become like an empty “robot”.

  1. Loss of connection:

you are not in tune with the other person anymore.

Being in tune is about little things like finishing his/her sentences, knowing the right thing to say at the right moment…

  1. Irrational anxiety:

you feel anxious when you are around your partner, so you avoid it.

At the same time your partner is trying to figure out what is going on….here starts the vicious cycle!

  1. Disappearing of libido:

Stress leads to disconnection of intimacy. Your partner feels like you reject him/her and this situation can only bring to misinterpretations and resentment.

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