Save lives, save the planet! Less meat…more fruit!



Can you imagine that changes in diet bring changes for the Earth? Well, this is how it works!

A famous American report (National Academy of Science)Ai??has proved that eating more fruits and vegetables rather then meat, would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, getting global mortality to decline by 10% and saving millions of lives as well as dollars.

The most part of greenhouse gas emissions comes from food production and the 80% of that comes from intensive livstock. Carbon emissions is the main cause of climate change and its effects, such as droughts, hot temperatures, rising sea levels and human health crises.

The report made precise estimes: it pointed out that, if we want to save our Planet, we should eat 25 percent more fruits and vegetables and 56 percent less red meat in order to save 5.1 million lives per year and achieve a 29% reduction of gas emissions.

The authors of this incredible report tried to convince the world’s governments to encourage new eating habits. Nothing has been done yet! Do you know why? Because it would require some substantial policy restructuring…it wouldn’t be convinient for the market.

It makes me wonder: is it the market more important then our lives? What use do we have for a market if we are dead?

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