Stars amazingly show to have fractal patterns and ratio pulses


Scientists from the University of Hawaii have been studying particular stars which are able to expand and contract creating pulsations that are visible with the Kepler Space Telescope.

These stars are called “Golden RR Lyrae Variables”. They pulsate concertedly with the Golden mean. Specificly, the ratio of 2 of their frequencies are similar to the Golden ratio.

What is the Golden mean/Golden ratio/Divine proportion Ai??about? It is a pattern we always find in Nature and in many important works of art such as Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Pyramids of Egypt, Parthenon. It is equal to 1.61803398875…

We may say that the Universe is the mirror of the “music of the Spheres”. Some stars pulsate with only one frequency, while others rhytmically pulsate with multiple frequencies.

The Universe is rythm….it is harmony!

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