Afterlife exists!

vita dopo la morte


Dr. Eben Alexander is a famous neurosurgeon who studied Medicine in Western Medical school.
He had always been skeptical about the existence of a non-physical spirit until he had an afterlife experience just like countless people from all around the world since recorded history.
Beforehand, he had always believed afterlife experiences to be the figment of human imagination.

After a bacterial meningitidis, Dr. Eben went into a coma for 7 days. During those days, he lived a real journey through time and space a vivid  life after death  experience!
An unexplainable healing brought him back to life and subsequently he wrote a book Proof of Haeven where he claims that:
– our life on Earth is just a mean for our soul to evolve and grow, thanks to love and compassion;
– afterlife is dominated by Love and telepathic communication;
– afterlife is the real life, while life on earth is something artificial;
– we are all precious and infinitely loved by God;
– real  Love is unconditional it has nothing to do with selfishness or jealousy!

Here’s follow Dr. Eben’s rebuttal of some common explanations for these experiences:
1. A primitive brainstem program together with the recall of memories from the limbic system do not explain the richly interactive recollactions;
2. DMT (Dimethyltryptamina=serotonin agonist) is able to cause a dream-like state by acting to specific target regions located in the neocortex (Dr. Eben’s neocortex was unfunctional during the time of his coma);
3. Unusual memory generation can be created by and archaic area of the occipital cortex, but only in humans who are cortically blind.

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