11 Signs of rencarnation

Rencarnation exists and we could define it as a maturation process of soulful energy.

Each of us has specific physiognomic and behavioural features which come from our past lives.

The more we experienced a certain peculiarity, the better we handle it in our present life.

Everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, has gone through this cycle experiencing many of the following manifestations:


  1. Repetitive dreams may both be a way used buy the inconscious to process trauma, and past life memories’ manifestations.


  1. Many people, including children, are able to tell out-of-place oddly accurate memories.


  1. Intuition is the ability to connect with our innate knowledge.

The more we do it, the more we get closer to the “source” where our soulful energy come from.


  1. There are many different theories about dejavu. Some claim that it comes from a neurological dissonance, others believe that it refers to other dimensions and finally someone states that it demonstrates the existence of past life experiences.


  1. Empathy means absorbing other people’s emotions. It can be a mean to avoid one’s own problems, but it could also mean that the person concerned has lived many different past lives that enable him/her to trascend the individual self.


  1. Precognition/future sight is made of visions, phisical sensations, feelings and dreams concerning future events. This may be a sign of soulful energy maturation.

reincarnazione evoluzione-anima

  1. Retrocognition is the opposite of precognition and it refers to your own past life or to distant past. It’s just not as easy to prove it.


  1. Feeling older than your age means that you might have an old soul and that it has rencarnated many times.


  1. Feeling an unexplainable affinity with other cultures may represent a kind of past life “residue”.


  1. Past life residues can also be manifested by irrational fears and phobias.


  1. Having a constant feeling of not living in the right place, together with a weird desire to come back “home” is also specific for old souls.

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