Eyes windows to the soul?


Our iris is as specificly personal as our fingerprints. Even if different people may have the same eyes’ colour, they would never have the same dots and lines within their iris itself.

Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden gathered 428 participants and they analyzed their iris’s patterns comparing them to their personalities. They particularly focused on crypts and contraction furrows forming during pupils’ dilatation.

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The ones who had more cryptes appeared to be more tender and trusting, while the ones who had more furrows showed to be more neurotic and impulsive.

The explanation is that the genes which code for the iris are also responsible for the development of the frontal lobe which is the main part of our brain to determine our personality. Furthermore, the scientists found that the mutation of PAX6 gene (controling the formation of the eye in the early stages) results in impulsiveness and poor communication and social skills.

Moreover, the study demonstrated that:

  • women with lighter eyes experience less pain during childbirth
  • people with lighter eyes require more alcohol to become intoxicated
  • melanine not only determines eye darkness, but is also responsible for brain efficiency

The eyes are wondows to the universe, to the emotions and to the soul: this is not just a supposition, but it has finally become a scientific truth!

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