7 Strategies for finding inner strength

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Nothing can dim the light which shines from within”, – Maya Angelu.

These are important reminders for all of us, that will help you to find your inner strength whenever you need it:

  1. Try to be OK with NOT being OK all the time: not being OK is a human natural emotion. If you accept it, you can feel like small weight lifted. Don’t be afraid to fall apart, because when it happens, the situation will open a chance for you to grow.
  2. Focus on today: live right here, right now! Let yourself live one day at a time.
  3. All you ever need to take is one little step: if you take tiny steps moment by moment, one day you will look back, it all adds up to something worthwhile, maybe different and far better than you had imagined before.
  4. Remember that few things are as personal as they seem: screwing up and making mistakes is human. When you realize it, you will open your awareness to the fact that not everything that anyone else does is about you. Don’t take anything too personally. Many people can only give what they have got themselves.
  5. Creat healthy space for yourself: we have to be accountable for our own wellbeing and remember that different opinions are a part of life.
  6. Look for support from the right sources: think about the people you usually go to when you are craving support…are they really able to dish out what you are hungry for? If you look for the wrong people, you will find yourself endlessly discouraged and disappointed.
  7. Choose the right attitude: the right attitude is the one that moves you forward. It will help you to change from the inside out.

Would you add something else to the list? What helps you find inner strength?

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