Preventing your anxiety: 5 herbs


General Anxiety Disorder (DSM) is a very common psychological disorder. We got used to living with it, but you should know it’s not something physiological. If it becomes a cronical state of mind, it can cause you dangerous mental, emotional and physical problems, not to mention the disruptions you’ll have in your social life.

It goes without saying that high level of anxiety need to be medically treated, but in most cases, natural herbs are sufficient:

  1. St John’s Wort: it has been said to work as well as Prozac and Zoloft and it is also an anti-depressant.
  2. Passionflower: it’s not advisable for pregnant, children, people with kidney or liver complications and people who assume other sedatives.
  3. Licorice root: it’s a counterpart of cortisone, it normilizes blood sugar levels and adrenal glands.
  4. Chamomile: it’s a sedative, anti-depressant and it helps healing your liver and lungs.
  5. Kava Kava root: in addition to being an anti-anxiety herb, it also relaxes your muscles and it helps healing your liver.

So, you’d better consider natural remedies before chasing your doctor for any problem you have! Herbs are cheaper than medicines, they have less side effects and they contribute to the general health of your body.

If we have been given by Mother Nature all these amazing goodies, it has to mean something!

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