Social anxiety linked to empathy and sentinel intelligence


Some years ago, a number of studies demonstrated that the ones who have a spiritual attitude towards life tend to develope anxiety disorders, addictions, depression and other mental health problems. On the other hand, these people see life in a more meaningful way.

The explanation of the fact that spiritual people have more mental issues may be that they are more connected to what is happening in the world. Some scientific studies showed how the people who suffer from social anxiety are more empathetic and more intelligent than the others:

  • they have a higher IQ (Intelligence Quotient);
  • they have more verbal-linguistic abilities;
  • they have a higher psyco-social awareness;
  • they are more altruistic;
  • they more quickly detect the presence of threat and danger.

In an evolutionary sense, the animals having these abilities are more likely to survive than the others. So, can anxiety be considered to be an evolutionary advantage? Yes, it can: it’s a real gift!

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