4 ways to activate the Pineal Gland and Third Eye



The Pineal Gland, better known as the third eye, is an endocrine gland sitting in the middle of the brain at the same level as the eyes.


This “principal seat of the soul” represents a chakra point and has got many important functions in our body:


– it produces the hormone melatonine during the night that regulates the quality and duration of our sleep;

– it secretes serotonin during the day, that is crucial for our mood and energy levels;

– it regulates both the circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake patterns;

– it determines the hormone and stress levels, that means our physical performances.


Do you know which are the 4 ways to activate the Pineal Gland in order to improve your mood, sleep and energy levels?

  1. Sun exposure: it induces the Pineal Gland to secrete serotonine.
  1. Sleeping in a complete darkness environment: it ensures that your gland produces melatonine correctly.
  1. Gazing the sun: it doesn’t have any scientific evidence and it also has its risks. It consists in gazing into the sun for 2 seconds within the first 15 minutes of sunlight at the beginning and at the end of the day. It has to be said that just having your eyes exposed to the sun indirectly is efficient to activate your third eye.
  1. Meditating: It activates the bioelectric energy needed by the gland to fulfil its capabilites.


The normal activity of the gland is seriously dented by calcification: eliminating fluoride and eating more calcium-rich food may be an optimum prevention.


Do you think you need to decalcify your pineal gland?

  • Eat Tamarind fruit (from the African Tamarind tree)
  • Drink one litre of water mixed with a teaspoon of Borax every day (consult your doctor)
  • Assume Zeolites (volcanically-produced crystals)
  • Do regular cleansing
  • Eat iodine-rich food or take colloidal iodine supplement for the best result.

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