Skin care: the 30 commandments



Do you know who Dr. Grossman is? He is a Harvard-educated dermatologist who is known for using the best technology to combat antiaging with natural looking results!

The 30s are a decisive decade. So, if this is your case, it’s finally time to get serious: try to follow these 30 steps. It will help you to keep a youthful look for a very long time.

  1. Clean your skin every morning
  2. Choose gentle cleansers
  3. It’s OK to even just wash with water
  4. Use SPF in the morning
  5. Apply SPF (Sun Protection Factor) before makeup
  6. The order is: cleanser, serum, sunblock, moisturizer
  7. Go oil free if you are acne-prone
  8. Moisturize as much as your skin needs
  9. Be careful with scrubs that could cause micro-tears
  10. Take off your makup at night
  11. Use makeup remover pads
  12. Inspire your dedication to taking care of your skin
  13. Try avocado face masks
  14. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for the body
  15. Tans are not good for your skin
  16. Use prescription remedies for only a limited amount of time if you have pigmentation
  17. Natural products are good for pigmentation issues. Moisturize causes dryness: be careful!
  18. For blackheads turn to a low-percentage Alpha-hydroxy treatment
  19. See a professional if you ha significant problems with acne
  20. Use antiaging cream
  21. Apply serum at night
  22. Add moisturizer
  23. Use collagen-promotoing products
  24. You don’t need Botox
  25. Don’t overdo it on procedures
  26. Facials can be particularly effective
  27. Pay attention to what you eat
  28. Stay hydrated
  29. Don’t stress

Enjoy your life: every age is beautiful!

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