Healing body image: how to finally accept yourself!

Stardust flowing from an open hand. Digital illustration.

Everybody has at least one time experienced bad body image thoughts…but some people more than others…someone even constantly! Clearly, this state of mind can seriously hamper our lives and relationships.

Nobody would ever consciously decide to have such painful thoughts: they just pop up without we even realize it. It seems like we don’t have any control on them. This is terribly dangerous!

Do you know what a possible solution is? Weeding out self-critical thoughts and planting nurturing ones! I know it’s hard. But consider that you are doing hard all the time: whenever you hate your precious body, whenever you diet. The difference is that the self-hate is familiar; the unfamiliar challange is to be aware of your automatic thoughts and choose the supportive onces. Human beings are Always afraid of what they don’t know. So, this is the reason why most of the time we prefer living bad but known feelings, instead of changing our state of mind and waiting for uknown outcomes!

Now I ask you: when you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, do you shift your body? Yes, I suppose! You should treat your negative body image thoughts in the same way. When you become aware of a bad body image thought, try to shift your position and choose a kinder and more inspiring one!

Pull bad mental weed and plant new seed: seed of kindness, compassion, acceptance and love!

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