Did you know that fear is useful, somehow?


Throughout your life, people have probably told you not to be afraid. Fear is associated with weakness and frailty. It is wrongly considered to be “the feeling of cowards”.
It is true that fear can be one of the most difficult emotions to decode, especially when you are trying to make a change in your life. When you are used to doing something in a very familiar way, it feels safe and comfortable, sometimes even when what you are doing isn’t working for you. This feeling is about being in the comfort zone.
However, we could change our life if we started thinking of fear as a useful “tool”:
1. Courage and fear go hand in hand:
most of the people think that someone is courageous when they face situations they would normally be afraid of. They are wrong! The truth is that courage wouldn’t exist without fear. Courage is basically is a functional emotional response to fear.
2. Physiology can be confusing:
fear is meant to keep us safe. It is a necessary natural response to dangers. Over the centuries, it has prevented the human beings from going extinct.
Nowadays, we are used to feeling fear in response to unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, not to real immediate dangers anymore.

3. Fear is instructive:
when you are encompassed by a fear, past and future cease to exist. In that moment, you are living only in the now. Without time, you become truly free. Whether you aim to be more vulnerable, more loving, or more financially stable, it will require you to break off all the barriers you’ve built up over the years.

In conclusion, fear itself isn’t a problem. It’s physiological! The key point is always our reaction to whatever it comes up from both our inside and the outside!

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