Incredible discovery: resonant frequencies kill cancer cells



It’s at Skidmore College in New York where Professor Anthony Holland and his staff have recently found a way to kill cancer cells without using any kind of toxic chemotherapy: custom digital electronic signals is what it’s all about!

The team used OPEF (Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields) to induce resonant vibrations which showed to be able to shatter down targeted cells from many different kinds of cancer, together with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA).

The following image shows the effect of these vibrations on leukemia cells:



All this is possible thanks to a device that is able to emit the right frequency electronic signals to induce sympathetic resonant vibrations in targeted microorganisms. Different frequencies can be used to target different types of microorganisms.

The scientists tried hundreds of frequency combinations to find the ones with the potential to directly target cancer cells.

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