Did you know electromagnetic fields worsen your pains?



All liveforms are energetic beings, and as such they are sensitive to electromagnetic radiations, to a greater or lesser extent.

There are some people, in fact, who have even been forced to move into cave-like domiciles in order to be isolated from such types of now ubiquitous signals. The latter, coming out from cell phone towers, have been proven to amplify sensations of pain in the body.

A recent study led by members of the University of Texas gave concrete evidence that these signals, at low and regular levels, can amplify pain in some amputees by stimulating nerve tissue that had suffered traumatic damage.

These towers are being installed everywhere and right amongst densely populated areas…have you ever seen them?


Electromagnetic radiations coming out from these towers can potentially cause a lot of problems in our body, such as brain cancer. Many studies have already proven that, but there is still no news of a second thought about the widespread proliferation of this technology.

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