What’s behind radical violence

radical violence terrorism

The potential reasons hidden behind the choice of joining radical groups like ISIS are extremely numerous.

The jihadist violence may be due to the resentment towards many Western crimes. So, this has nothing to do with religious fanaticism! This is just a matter of political grievance.

Western colonialism and imperialism have been the source of all today’s global conflicts.

Another possible reason is the fact that the violence is inside the Muslims’ culture and religion themselves.

Actually, Islam has lived through periods of openness and tolerance (8-13th century) right when Christianity was in a dark place of its life.

Since hundreds of Westerns are joining the Islamic State, mostly inspired by the ISIS recruiters on the internet, there should be other explanations to this groundless violence.

We could find the answer in a lack of poor integration in Western countries.

But these assumptions are not enough, because we are faced with a violence against innocent people rather than against a specific objective.

Understanding the reasons underlying terrorism is the only hope we have to solve this mess.

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