4 Ways to denote a real friendship

real friends

We all meet many friends throughout our life, but the real friendship is denoted by quality over quantity.

The intimate bond between true friends has to be cultivated over time.

Meaningful conversations, honesty, openness, love and trust are only some of the basis in a true relationship between two friends.

Normally, we have an enormous number of superficial acquaintances, but when you look back at your past, you realize they don’t represent anything to you they didn’t make the difference!

4 Ways to denote a real friendship:

  1. True friends cry with you without making you feel awkward. They always accept you even when you have nothing to offer to them but vulnerability and weakness.
  2. True friends consider you worth enough to always make time for you as well as for their family, wealth and health.
  3. True friends are always there for you to get you back on the road to recovery if necessary.

This means being loving and honest two rare and appreciable qualities!

  1. True friends don’t try to change you for selfish reasons because they love and accept you for who you are!

Friendship is one of the main things that make your life worth living. So, don’t waste your time and energies in cultivating fake relationships, but focus on the true deep bonds if you are lucky to have some!

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