Obesity might not protect us from starvation!



More then 600 million people worldwide are affected by obesity nowadays. The thing is that we still don’t know the the specific causes of this public health problem.

The scientists think obesity is due to an interaction between our genes and our environment, including the microbes living in our gut. A new study suggests the thrifty-gene hypothesis that is based on the following idea: back in the past, when the faminine was an everyday occurrence, those individuals with the genes that made them more likely to store fat were at an advantage. But now, since we don’t have this problem any more fortunately, those fat storing genes are disadvantaging people.

The researchers found out that only 9 out of the 115 genes related to obesity showed signs of positive Darwinian selection and of those 9, only 4 appeared to have been positively selected for fat storage…the other 5 showed positive selection for leanness.

As all the scientific studies, the thrifty-gene hypothesis does have its limitations, but the scientists are keeping on studying in order to help the human kind to be as healthy as possible!

We, for our part, need to have a healthy lifestyle and mostly need to love ourselves in a deep and authentic way.

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