Mother surrogate? Is it possible? Yes!


In California, a woman named Melissa Cook decided to become a commercial surrogate, delivering a baby for a couple in 2013. She claimed she had found it to be a rewarding way to supplement her salary.

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Then, Cook signed up with a broker called Surrogacy International. She signed a contract of $27,000 to carry a pregnancy, plus a $6,000 bonus in case of multiples. Cook was implanted with three male embryos. They all survived for the second time in her life. That was the time when the virtual relationship she had with their father came to an end. In fact they undertookAi?? a legal battle over both the future of the children and the institution of surrogacy itself. Shea is also come under pressure to abort one of the fetuses!

The thing is that there is a complete lack of regulation around surrogacy in many states. The United States is one of the few developed countries where surrogacy is allowed. California is considered a particularly friendly place for these kinds of practice.

Cook’s battle over triplets raised difficult questions about the ethics of the meaning of the parenthood and the surrogacy industry. It often tests the limits of bioethics.

This is cosmetic medicine, told the Wall Street Journal. You are allowed to decide hair, eye and skin color of the embryo. It’s almost like there is a real marketing behind it! Are we objects? Do we really know what unconditional love is? Are we able to deeply feel it?

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