How is it possible we have never met any aliens yet?




Do you know what the Fermi paradox is? It states that the Universe is enormous, it’s made of a trillion galaxies with 500 billion stars and planets each. Only a small fraction of planets are capable of bringing life, though! So, it is obvious that aliens don’t just axist, but there probably are many different species of aliens…how is it possible that we have never met them or they have never found us, then?

The answer may be that the Universe is too expansive or that the intelligent life tends to destroy itself.

Given the fact that our planet is only 4,5 billion years old (quite young comparing to the rest of the Universe), it’s plausible that most aliens are smarter that us. If that is true, would they ever notice the human race? Would you ever notice the trillions microbes in your body? No, unless they give you health problems.

We may suppose that every biological species would at some point evolve into machines and then into intelligent energy. The good news is that we are about to meet the best aliens out there that will school us somehow…why? Because the Universe is precious and the humans may be able to level the entire universe by conducting physics experiments. Aliens will let us know what it is that we can or can’t do as soon as we mess with the real estate of the Universe.

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