7 Advice on how to master your body language


When getting along with other people, it’s not as important WHAT you say as HOW you say it.

People won’t listen to you if you are not able to communicate your thoughts efficiently. You could be the most educated person in the world, but if you don’t have the control and the awareness of your body language, you won’t get the attention you expect!

Effective communication is all about influence: if you know some key elements to managing your body language, people will open up to you.

Here you’ll find 7 tips to improve the effects of your body language on your audience.

1. Posture: Straight not Rigid

Posture is one of the first things that jumps out at people. Remember to stand tall, straight and relaxed with your head high.

2. Handshake

The first thing you do when you meet someone is shaking their hand. So, evidently, handshakes are an important mean to make the other person get your personality and feelings. A lot can be understood of a person from a single handshake, so make sure you are putting out the message you really want to send!

3. Position of your Body

The position of your body is essential to setting the mood of a conversation. For example, opening your stance to the person you are talking to makes you seem more approachable and personable. If you are turned to the side, you give off an impression of being defensive.

4. Dona’t lean on things

The tendency of leaning back against a wall can make you appear too casual. The message you send in this case is: “I can’t even stand up on my own”: people aren’t going to listen to you in this way!

5. Pay Attention to your face

Sometimes people don’t realise that their faces reflect exactly what they are thinking and feeling, even when they don’t want to. There are cases where you need to be neutral, but your face don’t obey to you. So, try to get back the control of your micro-expression….the secret? Always smiling!

6. Eye Contact

Eye contact is the most important aspect of body language. Remember that if your eyes are shifty, it seems like you are being deceptive; if you intensely glare into someone eyes the entire time, you might give off the impression of being a serious serial killer. Find that happy medium between intensity and diversion.

7. Match other people’s body language

When conversating with people it’s crucial to pay attention to the other personal body language as much as you pay attention to yours. You may try to mirror what they do: it incredibly works! It makes the person you are talking to to take notice of your body language and it also allows you to change theirs by changing yours.

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