Kimchi scientifically proven to help with anxiety disorder


If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you surely perfectly know how hard it can be showing up to things. The symptoms are socially, emotionally and physically delibitating, preventing you from building connections with people.

This disease makes you feel different and alone, but remember that social phobia is the 3rd most common mental health disease.

Some researchers of the University of Maryland studied the effects that diet can have on mental health. The results of their studies showed that probiotic rich fermented food positively influence social anxiety. An example is just Kimchi.

Remember that you shouldn’t cook any fermented food because heat kills good bacteria. Then, you should eat it in moderation as everything else, depending on how your digestive stract reacts.

If you aren’t into Kimchi, there is a million number of other fermented food you could try, such as kombucham cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut and miso.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and mostly listen to your body, trying to find the right balance that suites you better.

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