You don’t know what to eat for breakfast? Here you are 20 bowls



Many people all around the world tend not to have breakfast. Some of them because they are always late, some prefer sleeping instead of getting up earlier, some others are just not hungry. Consider that if you have never had breakfast in the morning, your stomach is used to staying “closed”. So, if you change your habit, it will take time, but your stomach will understand!

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, so if you skip it, your body will lack of energy the all day and will get you to eat more then necessary. Whatever you eat in the morning, you will burn it because you have the all day in front of you. While whatever you eat later during the day, you will have less time for being active before going to sleep, and you know what is the consequence? Well, you will gain weight!

With these 20 recepies, you will surely face the whole day better!

1 Ochazuke: Japanese steamed rice dish

2 Dark chocolate Quinoa breakfast bowl

3 Savory pesto Quinoa breakfast bowl

4 Guacamole and egg breakfast bowl

5 Superfood breakfast bowl: hot quinoa with a mixture of dried and fresh fruit like goji berries, coconut flakes and bananas

6 Huevos rancheros: polenta with beans, crumbled feta, fried eggs and avocado

7 Warm green breakfast bowl: quinoa, eggs and almonds

8 Onsen tamago: eggs, rice and soy sauce

9 Tasted oatmeal with strawberry chia jam and coconut whipped cream

10 One-bowl quinoa breakfast bake: quinoa bake, orange juice, nut butter and cacao nibs

11 Coconut rice and pomegranate porridge

12 Inner goddess raspberry breakfast bowl: puree frozen peaches or mangos with a little water and raspberries with a crunchy topping, like flax seed or granola

13 Miso veggie breakfast bowl: vegetables with fried eggs and avocado

14 Crispy rice bowl with lemongrass mint, cucumber and ginger

15 Pina colada oatmeal bowl: oatmeal cooked in coconut milk, topped with coconut yogurt and toasted coconut flakes, pineapple

16 Greek goddess grain bowl with fried zucchini, toasted seeds and fried halloumi

17 Farro avocado breakfast bowl with sumac miso vinaigrette

18 Savory breakfast bowl: barley, boiled tomatoes and sautAi??ed greens, topped with egg and dollop of creamy yogurt

19 Oatmeal cookie dough bake

20 Super chia bowl

Here you are…enjoy your meal!

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