5 Habits of great leader


Climber on the summit.


Leaders have the biggest impact on employee engagement: here you will find 5 tips to increase engagement and productivity.

Engagement is running at 32%, that costs the US economy around $500 billion per year. As leaders, increasing the engagement of your team is totally up to you. So, how to boost engagement?

  1. Show enthusiasm: the more enthusiastic you are, the more enthusiastic your team will be.
  2. Smile more: happy no-stressed people are productive people!
  3. Listen more: listening to people is something that shows respect and helps to build trust.
  4. Share more: the more you share the progress, the more inspired your team will become.
  5. Praise more: recognition is one of our primary needs.

If you follow these zero costs tips, you will see a very positive impact on your team and your company in general. Remember that leaders have the biggest impact on the morale of their emplyees…be positive, always!

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